Lang. M1 | Dutch Basics P-D

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Course Description

In this 4 module course package LANG M1 – M4 students will learn the basics skills to learn the Dutch language. This model covers from the Papiamento language to the Dutch language.


  • Introductions- incl. greetings, nationalities, names of different European countries, reasons for studying Dutch
  • Dutch alphabet
  • Asking ‘how are you’? (Formal and informal addressing)
  • Introducing somebody else
  • Counting
  • Getting familiar with telephone conversations
  • Personal details (address, postcode, telephone number, date of birth)
  • Describing people (character, appearance)
  • Giving an opinion (likes & dislikes)
  • Talking about family and friends
  • Time (clock), days


Trainer: Mr. Abiasaf Colina BEc.

Call: +5999 695-5797

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