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Course Description

Excel Program Objectives

Students who pursue this program learn the most important features of Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet program that is widely used in many work settings.  Students who complete this program should be able to:

  1. a) Enter information into a worksheet
    b) Use popular formulas
    c) Make attractive charts and tables
    d) Summarize data
    e) Ensure users enter the correct data
    f) Bring files into a worksheet
    g) Make Pivot Tables and do What-If Analysis

Module 2: Excel 3

This module provides advanced Excel formulas and features.  Topics include how to use popular functions.  Students will also learn how to summarize data, use subtotals, and help users type accurate data.  Topics also include pivot tables, importing data, and how what-if analysis.

Trainer: Dr. C. Ashton PhD
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Lst. Revised 11/01/2024

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